Arts Infusion Partners

Phalen Lake Elementary
Over 12 wonderful years, ESAC residencies have welcomed some of the Twin Cities’ leading artists, including jazz musicians Ruth Mackenzie and Joan Griffith developing an original blues song that reflected American patriotism. Ruth and Joan led students in vocal and instrumental improvisation while students used bells, percussion, bass and voice. First grade students worked with In the Heart of the Beast artists, exploring folklore and bringing their stories to life through puppets and performance. Fifth grade students worked with dancers Mary Anne Quiroz and Ketzaliztli E. Estrada-Hernandez from Kalpulli Yaocenoxtli (Warriors of the First Cactus Flower) to learn traditional dances, music and phrases in Nahuatl language. Sixth grade students worked with dance educator Christopher Yaeger on the Charleston and other 1920s dances to help connect them with the history they were studying in class.

Highwood Hills Elementary
Malia Burkhart, a visual artist and puppeteer with In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre, infused the arts with social studies and literature, developing puppets and masks for a school-wide performance. Children and families also then participated in the ARTmoves Parade with Ordway Center’s Flint Hills International Children’s Festival.

Farnsworth Aerospace Magnet Elementary School
Mark Safford from Barebones Productions worked with 4th students to dramatize poems with movement, puppets, masks and props, culminating in a performance held in conjunction with the school’s Poetry Contest Award Ceremony.

John A. Johnson Elementary
Kathy Coulter has extended the drawing curriculum in every grade level to include drawing lessons and special projects that integrate the arts with the school’s curriculum. Kathy has successfully mentored the teachers who now are able to implement the lessons on their own.

Bruce F. Vento Elementary
Visual Artist Sara Langworthy worked with the second grade students to create animal puppets from the rain forest and a weaving project. In addition, book artist Jenea Rewertz-Targui worked with children and families to create an accordion-style book illustrating their own family stories during a Family Literacy Night.

Dayton’s Bluff Achievement Plus Elementary
African drummer and dancer Francis Kofi worked with fourth and sixth grade students, culminating in a performance at the Dayton’s Bluff Recreation Center theater.