Phalen Poetry Park

Phalen Poetry Park is a beautiful community garden sponsored by the East Side Arts Council, playfully designed as a sleepy dragon whose spikes of feather reed grass encircle a dry pebble pond where children hop from stone to stone. Benches cast in the shape of open books invite contemplation and enjoyment of the plantings. A path winds to both the Poetry Post, a sculptural piece featuring local poets and students, and to the Marimba Benches, welcoming you to tap out a tune.

The Phalen Poetry Park is located at the south end Phalen Regional Park. It can be easily accessed from the parking lot of the Phalen Recreation Center, 1000 East Wheelock Parkway, or the Minnesota Humanities Center's parking lot, 988 East Ivy Avenue.

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Christine Mitzuk, dragon sign artist

Romi, Bill and Eric putting in the new dragon sign

Photos by Bill Lloyd, 2011

Volunteers Needed!
Volunteer for community gardening every Thursday evening at 6:30pm, spring and summer. No experience necessary. Contact ESAC at 651-774-5422 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .