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Senior Arts participants created incredible storytelling performances, visual art, and poetry this year. Here is a sample from their collection of poems If Only the World.

A Celebration of Quiet

by Joyce Stockton
a small fishing boat off the far island, lone fisherman. Small island in the Boundary Waters, waking in the tent, winds in the white pines, loon calls across the dark lake.
as darkness falls. Snowflakes wafting down, the whole world hushed by the layer of natural insulation.
desert flower on the heels of a shower.
in a blur of fingers, fashion passionate text, embellish with an emoticon, hit send before reason
can slam on the brakes.
I tremble like a thief
who hears a floorboard creak overhead.
beg history for a reprieve
Samsung for malfunction.
That wild, unedited declaration lion’s roar, naked soul
is loose in the world.

The lake at sunrise, mist rising from the cold surface,

Calm before the storm, skies green, winds absent, ominous. An empty house, watching the trees switch in the wind

A baby’s breath when deeply relaxed and asleep, scarcely moving the small body. Waking from deep sleep, seeing the lightening sky – no memories from the long, dark night.

The pause just before the flourishing end of the song, waiting. Relief when abrasive, dissonant music is silenced, an errant car alarm is finally put to rest.

City sounds – all that hurries, darts, speeds, honks, pushes, worries, controls – muffled by the wind and softly falling rain.



Day Dream

by Nancy Stalnaker Bundy

The sun was out southern style, breeze warm, inviting lingering on the sheltered porch discussing the gardenias, fragrant of privilege, with a woman who smiled trust, at me, made me feel peaceful, even comfortable. There was something familiar – hands folded, laugh quiet, how proper she sat tall in the rocking chair asking me where I was from, how many children did I have. I asked her the same question, was surprised she said she had small children, whom she needed to attend to, soon, no one else worthy, they were her responsibility. She had hands of an acrobat, performing act III, with balance, she saidhello, lovely weather we are having to the couples passing by, politely, self-assured. The sun blurred our vision, it was time to go inside. Holding hands, I took my mother to her room.



Over the Edge, Again

by Daniel Shaw

Two sips into a 6-oz cappuccino gratitude blossoms

I seize my cell

Remorse is a heartbeat behind.

I slowly scour the message for relief as a repentant drunk relives the revels of last night’s binge,

No luck.



This program is funded by the Minnesota State Arts Board through the arts and cultural heritage fund as appropriated by the Minnesota State Legislature with money from the Legacy Amendment vote of the people of Minnesota on November 4, 2008.


After School Arts is in full swing with classes at 10 local Saint Paul Public Schools. Classes this year include Hip Hop, Caribbean Dance, Mixed Media Visual Art, Upscale Fashion Design, B-Girl Break Dance, and more!



During School Artist Residencies are back with co-curricular classes in poetry, puppetry, global dance performance, and more!