“Arts education is vital for our children and me”
— Stuart Knappmiller, East Side Resident

East Side Arts Council is committed to bringing artists to schools to increase passion for the Arts for future generations.

ArtsYES at schools and recreation centers offers classes from professional artists in subjects such as Hip-Hop dance, Hmong dance, visual arts, theater, and more. ESAC’s work with Flipside of St. Paul Public Schools has documented that students are truant much less if they are involved in these classes. Participating schools include: Farnsworth Aerospace Upper School, Battle Creek Middle School, Linwood Monroe Arts Plus, Ramsey Middle School, Murray Middle School, Highland Park Middle School, Hazel Park Academy, Parkway Montessori Middle School, YMCA, Journeys (alternative high school), and Washington Technology Magnet.

We also offer arts classes at 20 parks and recreation centers, significantly reducing transportation barriers, as part of the Art for Summer Blast program in partnership with Saint Paul Parks and Recreation. Professional artists visit four recreation centers each week to bring art classes selected by each site based on the interests of youth.



Maxfield Elementary/YMCA

Umfundalai Dance with Leanna Browne

Washington Technology Magnet Upper School

Visual Arts with Conor Burke

Hmong Dance with Jannie Vang

Hip Hop Dance with Daniel Rosas

Highland Park Middle School

Comic Book Making with Dave Branch

Farnsworth Aerospace Upper School

Visual Arts with Charlotte Rose-Tauer

Hmong Dance with Julia Vang

John A. Johnson Elementary/YMCA

Hip Hop Dance with Lue Thao

Ramsey Middle School

Hip Hop Dance with Cheng Xiong

Learn more about our teaching artists on our Artist Roster Page!